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How to Rename Start Button

If you want to rename your start button..
then do this now-

1) At first download resource hacker.

2) Then open it.

3) Click on file and open explorer.exe from C drive --> windows.

4) Click on string table..

5) Open no. 37

6) On the right panel erase the word "start" and write you want to display instead of "start".

7) Then click on compile script.

8) Click on "save as" and save it with another name like-"nis.exe"

9) Then goto start --> run--> type Regedit -->HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -->SOFTWARE -->MICROSOFT -->WINDOWS NT --> CURRENT VERSION --> WINLOGON.

10) Then on the right panel double click on shell and replace explorer.exe with your new name you have saved already. for example"nis.exe"

Now restart your computer and enjoy with your name in place of start button....

same procedure you have to do with no. 38 if it doesn't work.

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